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Embracing Transformation@Work with Design Thinking 2018





SNEF SAPPHIRE: Embracing Transformation at Work Seminar

The age of digitisation and the onset of Industry 4.0 has unsettled businesses and individuals. Digitisation has changed the way of work and business interactions with consumers, and is permeating in all areas of life at an exponential rate. Automation, AI, and Computational Intelligence (CI) have also gathered pace, and are fast displacing traditional brick-and-mortar ways of doing business.

The Embracing Transformation @ Work Seminar explores the impact of Digitisation and the way the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed demands on future skills and digital literary skills, and how existing business models can adopt Design Thinking approaches to reinvent their business to serve the increasing and ever-changing needs of customers. Self and Business Innovation will be discussed with real-world cases of businesses and executives’ who have achieved breakthroughs and peak performance success. Participants will also learn how organisational growth requires Strategic Workforce Planning, coupled with a holistic framework of a High Performing Organisation to scale greater heights and achieve extraordinary results.

The six internationally renowned speakers are: 
- Mr Darryl Parrant, from Willis Towers Watson (Singapore) on "Digitisation of Work"
- Dr Tim Schuurman, from DesignThinkers Group (Netherlands) on "Reinventing Business Growth Using Design Thinking"
- Dr. Andre De Waal, from HPO Center (Netherlands) on "From ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ – Becoming a High Performing Organisation"
- Ms. Grace Clapham, from The Change School (Singapore) on "Change as the Catalyst for Organisation Transformation"
- Ms Annie Leung, from CEO mindPower Ltd (Hong Kong) on "Self and Business Innovation, with Immediate Transformation"
- Mr Thomas Yeo, from CET Global Pte Ltd (Singapore) on "Strategic Workforce Planning for Organisational Growth"

Darryl Parrant
Our first in the lineup of six internationally renowned speakers, Mr Darryl Parrant from Willis Towers Watson (Singapore), will be sharing the impact of Digitisation and IoT demands on future skills and digital literary skills. His session will reveal insights and perspectives on digital literary skills and their influence on future work and behaviours.
Dr. Tim Schuurman
Dr Tim Schuurman from DesignThinkers Group (Netherlands), will share on how Design Thinking strategies can be adopted to help companies and SMEs reinvent their businesses and achieve growth. In today's IoT and Digital Economy, existing business models are challenged to meet the increasingly complex needs of customers, driving the need for a customer and client-oriented, innovation driven Design Thinking mindset.
Dr. Andre De Waal
Dr. Andre De Waal from HPO Center (Netherlands), will be sharing on how to develop “a tailored business relationship”, based on mutual trust, openness, shared risks and shared rewards for competitive advantage, resulting in business performance using the High Performance Partnership (HPP) framework. In this global economy, it is paramount for an organization to create long-lasting partnerships with its suppliers and customers in which excellent relationships get center-stage.
Annie Leung
Ms Annie Leung from CEO mindPower Ltd (Hong Kong), will showcase the exclusive mindPower™ Innovation model, giving an insight into the different tools of the mindPower™ Innovation model that has led to successful business breakthroughs. The mindPower™ Innovation model has supported many businesses and thousands of executives over the years to achieve personal and organisational breakthroughs. Businesses who have undergone such transformation span across 17 industries.
Grace Clapham
Ms. Grace Clapham, from The Change School (Singapore), will discuss innovation approaches on how organisations can embrace change, and use change as catalyst for organisation transformation.

Her session will explore how change is a constant for all businesses and organisations, and how Introducing, Managing, and Implementing change becomes important for organisations who are on the transformation journey.
Thomas Yeo
Mr Thomas Yeo, from CET Global (Singapore), will explore how strategic workplace planning enables organisations to take a structured approach to enable HR sourcing, deployment and capability development for their desired growth. This benefits companies who are continually involved in the planning and implementation of human resources.
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