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SAPPHIRE Seminar & Masterclasses

Embracing Transformation at Work with Design Thinking 2018





SAPPHIRE Masterclass: Creating Success using the 5 factors of High Performance

by Dr André de Waal, HPO Center (Netherlands)

Dr André de Waal conducted and published the original study on High Performance Organisations, and is currently the Managing Partner and Academic Director at HPO Centre, Center Director of StatMind Management Research & Development, and Professor of High Performance Organizations at the University Institute for International and European Studies (UNIES), Tbilisi Teaching University Gorgasali, Netherlands.


André has been teaching and conducting projects on performance management and high performance organizations for over 10 years on the international scale in countries like China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, Surinam, U.K., Poland, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, South-Africa, Namibia and Tanzania. André was also selected by as one of the "10 people who have influenced management thinking in the Netherlands the most in the past decade", with his research on High Performance Organisations and High Performance Individuals earning him the accolade of being one of the 10 Dutch Masters in Management, garnering much international attention.

André has published over 350 articles and 30 books, including his latest English book “What Makes a High Performance Organisation?” in 2012. His latest Dutch book was: “Hoe Bouw Je een High Performance Financiële Functie?” (translated as "How do you build a High Performance Financial Function?") published in 2016.

Programme & Topics

  1. History of the High Performance Organisation (HPO) Framework and its successes

  2. Management Quality and its impact to the organisation

  3. Openness & Action Orientation and its impact to the organisation

  4. Long-Term Orientation and its impact to the organisation

  5. Continuous Improvement & Renewal and its impact to the organisation

  6. Employee Quality and its impact to the organisation

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