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Board Game

How it works?

​​Game Brief

+ Turn-based game with customizable scenarios

+ Trading, tackling and defending

+ Focus solving scenarios using the game cards

+ Winning Conditions

First game player to solve the chosen scenario by placing

5 ‘game playing cards’ on the 5 tiered solution zones

in the correct sequence with the accurate intervention WINs.


Saboteur player WINs when the final turn reaches where

no other game player is declared a winner.

Main Specifications

Stage 1 - Strategy Play

The entire set consists of:

  • 100 Playing Cards (Type S) in a few categories: 

      –Methods, Tools, Intervention, Tackle, Defend

  • 7 Role Cards (1 GameMaster, 1 Saboteur, max. of 5 Game players)

  • 8 Scenario Cards (QR code access - hosted on a webpage)

  • 8 Solution Cards (Rubrics and Checklist)

  • 1 Strategy Game board

Stage 2 - Action Play

  • 40 Action Cards (applicable ‘Type S’ cards can be used here)

  • 1 Action Chart rubrics  (for GameMaster)

  • 1 Action Game board

game changers, gamifying change, transforming performance, workplace transformation


Most change management strategies leverage on engagement programmes that targets on various organisational issues including team and performance effectiveness in structured intervention. Engagement, organisational process synergy, culture and performance may not be sustainable through such traditional change pathways that could exhaust more resources.

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