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InnovKards Board Game

InnovKards is an innovative game set and consulting tool can be used for many applications.

Staff play InnovKards at Learning Day 2016. Copyright CET Global.


As a game, InnovKards can be used for learning design process project management, learning and development planning, organisational performance planning and strategy formulation. 

As a Tool, InnovKards can be used used for consulting clients on processes such as training needs analysis, change interventions and new projects innovations.

Target Audience

Learning designers, human resource professionals, consultants, business innovators, organisations who are interested in human capital development.

Why Games for Workplace?

Games, the new currency in the learning and development sphere aims to expose learners to new experiences (authentic ones) and skills through simulations built around stories, goals, feedback, and play.

It is the attributes of games, such as compelling storylines, attainable challenges, rewards, recognition, control and a safe environment in which to fail and try again that make them so powerful for learning.

Well-designed games make learning fun, challenging and rewarding. Learners are so focused on achieving goals and competing with others that they become they become immersed in and master the subject matter without realising it.

How it works?

How to play InnovKards? 4 Modes of gameplay. Copyright CET Global.

Why choose InnovKards?

  • Multi-platforms of applications (Rapid learning design & development process, training needs, strategy formulation)

  • Fosters collaborative experiential learning

  • Promotes creativity and innovation during the design process planning & implementation

  • Discover new insights for learning design or strategy formulation

  • Inexpensive engagement methodology and platform

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