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by Master International



Master International offers a range of solutions that form a complete and easy-to-use suite of professional, HR-assessment tools that create unique workflows and provide performance analytics which are supported by our HR advisory services.


CET Global offers 3 solutions from Master: OPTO, EASI, and BRIGHT which can be used to gain key insights to improve workflows and organisational performance. 

How it works?


EASI is a typology test based on four of the factors from the Five-Factor Model of personality, which are split into two orientation axes: Person vs. Task; Control vs. Participation.


EASI classifies people into four basic types based on their test results:

  • Enthusiast

  • Analyst

  • Supporter

  • Implementer

It is often used to develop individuals and groups by helping them to improve their communication. It is a hands-on-tool to meet day-to-day relationship-based challenges.

The typology test EASI makes it easy to understand what drives people and creates balanced, well-functioning and high-performing teams and nurture leadership.




EASI meets the highest international standards for professional tests. Extensive documentation has been performed. 

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