We provide Insights, Advisory, and Actions for People, Process, and Performance

Our Services include:

  • Workforce Planning and Enterprise People Transformation

  • People Capability Development Consultancy

  • Analytics and Profiling Assessment

  • Training Programmes Design and Delivery

  • ATO Capability Building services

  • Strategic Competency-based Management System

  • Organisation Skills Framework / Map development

  • Job-Redesign for Organisation and People Fit and Performance

  • Employee Coaching for Performance


Productivity Solutions Grant -

Job Redesign (PSG-JR)

CET Global is the First company to be approved and listed for the Job Redesign Consultancy Grant by WSG

Support for Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG-JR) was developed by Workforce Singapore (WSG) as part of the existing Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) to complement and drive both their business and workforce transformation by making job redesign easier.


CET Global's approach to Job Redesign supports business transformation to Create Value for Businesses, Jobs, and Employees. Contact us for an appointment today!

Grant Benefits

Participating enterprises will receive the following for approved projects:

  • 70% of consultancy cost, capped at $30,000 per enterprise, reimbursed upon completion of project


Participating enterprises will have up to one year from the date of Letter of Offer to complete their PSG-JR project

Eligibility Criteria

Participating enterprises must fulfil the following criteria in order to qualify:

  • Registered or incorporated and operating in Singapore;

  • Must have at least three local employees (Singapore Citizens or PRs) at the point of application

Additional disqualification criteria apply

To find out more, you may contact:

Ms Yeo Li Sung

9657 5085

For more details regarding the PSG-JR:


Competency-based HRD

This system is designed to enable organisations to align their human resource strategies with the organisational vision, mission, core values, and goals.

This system provides a strategic approach to ensure that you:

• Hire the right people
• Train and assess them based on the specific competencies required of their job
• Provide clear career progression pathways to staff
• Enable staff to be clear of their work performance expectations
• Demonstrate fairness in performance appraisals
• Be equitable in rewarding and compensating staff
• Increase engagement through developing a sense of purpose in staff
• Motivate staff to continuously develop themselves 


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