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Human Capital Mentorship Programme (HCMP)

HCMP is not just a mentorship program; it is a journey of growth, collaboration, and leadership development.

Human Capital Mentorship Programme (HCMP)

CET Global is the appointed HR consultant for HCMP under Kong Wai Shiu Hospital Queen Bee Programme. Using holistic and proven methodologies to drive process improvement, CET Global aims to enable and empower participating Community Care Organisations to embark on their projects focusing on improving their human capital. 

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HCMP offers improvement in functional Human Resource areas such as:

Training Needs Analysis and Training Road-mapping

Analyse training needs comprehensively based on organisation’s goals to create an effective training road map 

Recruitment Practices

Improve recruitment practices, from crafting job descriptions to interviews and onboarding processes

Learning & Development

Create and implement microlearning content on a platform for organisation-wide learning

Performance Management and Performance Appraisals

Design a practical and effective performance management framework, accompanied by an in-depth performance appraisal 

Talent Management and Talent Retention

Manage and retain talented individuals to ensure continued growth of the organisation through policies and plans

Succession Planning

Create comprehensive and effective plans to identify talents with high potential

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