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Education and Skills Series

Talent Management and Career Planning (2days)

Workshop suitable for HRM and T&D personnel responsible for developing talent pool in organisation

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify, select and assess employees to be groomed for future roles in the organisation;

  • Develop competencies of talent to contribute to organisation’s businesses and performances; and

  • Enable the talent to perform career planning and skills development in the organisation.

Writing Effective Competency-based Job Description (1day)

Workshop suitable for HRM and T&D personnel responsible for developing job descriptions in organisation.

​Learning Outcomes

  • Describing components and applications of job descriptions

  • Specifying job scope, duties and accountabilities

  • Linking to department and organisation goals

  • Writing in competency-based language

Quality Assurance Framework for TVET Organisations (2days)

Workshop suitable for personnel responsible for developing TVET quality assurance framework

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret quality assurance concepts and key processes in education setting

  • Identify key quality areas in TVET ADDIE process

  • Establish quality assurance outcomes and criteria

  • Validate quality assurance framework with stakeholders

TVET Curriculum Evaluation for Learning Effectiveness (3days)

Workshop suitable for Curriculum Specialists or Personnel responsible for course development

Learning Outcomes

  • Describing the models and approaches to curriculum evaluation

  • Conceptualizing and conducting a curriculum evaluation

  • Identify good practices and challenges in curriculum evaluation

  • Relating institutional evaluation, systemic led evaluation and external evaluation for purposes of regulation or certification of standards

Quality Review and Audit on Competency Standards and Curriculum (2days)

Workshop suitable for Personnel responsible for implementing and conducting quality assurance review and audit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key quality areas in development and implementation of competency standards and curriculum

  • Describe the approaches to conduct quality assurance review and audit on competency standards and curriculum

  • Develop a quality assurance review and audit plan on competency standards and curriculum

Skills Development Framework for Organisation Performance (2days)

Workshop suitable for HRM and T&D personnel responsible for identifying and developing the skills of workers in an organisation

Learning Outcomes

  • Identification of the current arrangements in place for workers’ skills development

  • Mapping of key roles and jobs across the organisation

  • Identification of core skills and competencies associated with these roles and jobs

  • Setting of desirable levels of capability from Novice to Expert Master Trainer

  • Tracing of capability development pathways

  • Outline of a competence/capability map for the workers with current and desired certification points.

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