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Diagnostics, Performance and Product-linked Series

Education & Skills Series

Growth Review Identification Toolkit (GRIT-LAH) Workshop (1+1 day)

Workshop suitable for HRM and management personnel responsible for optimising organisational performance

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to GRIT-LAH & explanation of key concepts behind the toolkit

  • Identification of organisation's current stage of growth informally

  • Identification of potential performance related gaps in the organisation 

  • Understand how GRIT-LAH can be applied to bridge and augment organisational gaps to improve organisational performance

Empowering Star Performance Using designtwork™ system eHRM system (2day)

Workshop suitable for Companies, enterprises and business owners who want to achieve results through every single individual and in alignment to their organisational goals.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants to acquire essential  knowledge & skills in administrating:

  • designtwork™m system modules and tools

  • Leverage on organisation’s social learning platforms

  • Manage integrated competency-based performance profiles

  • Manage LD modules and career development tools

Gamify L&D with InnovKards™ - Foundation (1day)

Workshop suitable for Learning designers, human resource professionals, consultants, business innovators, organisations who are interested in human capital development.

Workshop objectives

  • Learn about the dual functions of InnovKardsTM

    • Gamification of L&D processes (rational, benefits, usage)

    • Consulting tool for strategizing and planning processes

  • Learn and experience the foundational theories underpinning InnovKardsTM Methodology

  • Apply InnovKardsTM Methodology in 3 selected context

  • Learn about other tools that complements InnovKardsTM methodolo


Workshop Benefits

  • Certified as Facilitator for InnovKardsTM

  • Exclusive use of InnovKardsTM methodology and selected resource materials

  • Leverage on the advantages of using InnovKardsTM

  • Multi-platforms of applications (Rapid learning design & development process, training needs, strategy formulation)

  • Fosters collaborative experiential learning

  • Promotes creativity and innovation in design process planning & implementation

  • Discover new insights for learning design or strategy formulation

  • Inexpensive engagement methodology and platform

ChangeMakers 101 Using gameChangers™ - Foundation (2day)

Workshop suitable for Companies, enterprises and business owners embarking on organisation development, human capital transformation and other change interventions

Learning Outcomes:

Through purposeful “Play-N-Learn” (Using gameChanger Deck, Board and web resource) strategies at different juncture of the Workshop to enable participants to acquire essential skills in the following areas:
• Becoming ChangeMakers of the organisation
• Building sustainable ChangeMaker’s mindset and habits
• Leading transformative interventions 

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