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Nurturing Talent, Fostering Growth


Our greatest asset is our people. We enable organisations to develop their untapped workforce capability, cultivate a culture of continuous learning, and empower individuals to reach their full potential


Productivity Solutions Grant - Job Redesign (PSG-JR)

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CET Global proudly stands as the inaugural company to receive approval for the Job Redesign Consultancy Grant from Workforce Singapore (WSG).

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“Productivity Solutions Grant “PSG-JR” stems from the initiative by Workforce Singapore (WSG). Strategically designed to facilitate and propel both business and workforce transformation by streamlining the complexities associated with Job Redesign”

Insurance Consultation

Our track record boasts the highest number of enterprises successfully onboarded for Job Redesign (JR) projects.


CET Global, our distinctive approach to Job Redesign is meticulously crafted to underpin business transformation, fostering the creation of significant value for businesses, job roles, and employees alike. We invite you to engage with us for a personalized consultation. 

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Human Capital Mentorship Programme (HCMP)

HCMP - CET Global holds the distinguished position as the designated Human Resources consultant for the Human Capital Management Programme (HCMP) under Kong Wai Shiu Hospital's Queen Bee Programme.


  • Employing holistic and proven methodologies, CET Global is dedicated to steering process improvement initiatives. Our overarching objective is to facilitate and empower participating Community Care Organizations in undertaking transformative projects centred on enhancing their human capital. 

  • Through our strategic partnership with HCMP under Kong Wai Shiu Hospital's Queen Bee Programme, CET Global stands committed to fostering positive change and advancing the capabilities of Community Care Organizations. Connect with us to explore how our expertise can contribute to the enhancement of your human capital endeavours.

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HCMP offers improvement in functional Human Resource areas such as:

Training Needs Analysis and Training Road-mapping

Analyse training needs comprehensively based on organisation’s goals to create an effective training road map 

Recruitment Practices

Improve recruitment practices, from crafting job descriptions to interviews and onboarding processes

Learning & Development

Create and implement microlearning content on a platform for organisation-wide learning

Performance Management and Performance Appraisals

Design a practical and effective performance management framework, accompanied by an in-depth performance appraisal 

Talent Management and Talent Retention

Manage and retain talented individuals to ensure continued growth of the organisation through policies and plans

Succession Planning

Create comprehensive and effective plans to identify talents with high potential

General Consultancy

Our consulting services focus on addressing challenges and opportunities in management and human capital development. We specialize in enterprise capability strategy, operational design, HR services advisory, and developing emerging people capabilities. Recognized for our comprehensive approach, we emphasize value creation, breaking down silos, and achieving a multiplier effect by optimizing the entire system rather than individual components. Our success lies in harnessing synergy across sectors and geographies for sustainable outcomes.

Curriculum Design Development


Our Curriculum Design and Development expertise translates your vision into engaging and impactful learning journeys.


We meticulously curate content and select innovative teaching methods to equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.


Whether you require a complete curriculum overhaul or targeted skill development modules, our proven approach ensures measurable results.


CETG Institute of Excellence(IoE)

  1. At CETG IoE, we offer flagship programmes such as ‘Applied Practice Programmes’, ‘SHRM-certified’ programs, ‘IC Agile’ programs, and specially curated programs based on enterprise needs. Some signature programmes include Job Redesign for Enterprise Transformation, Strategic Business & Human Capital Roadmapping (SBHCR), Succeeding as First-time Manager, and Applied Problem Solving Skills.

  2. CETG IoE offers services in developing training programmes for nationally accredited courses and customised ones. We also provide advisory services for aspiring training organisations in preparation for accreditation and existing training providers in enhancing their training management & quality system.

Strategy & Insights

Success Stories


Retail industry client was looking transform from a traditional business model to one which is explorative with business venture. The employees at that time did not have the skills to support the transformation journey and work scope was not attractive enough to attract and retain new hires. The Job Redesign project developed the company’s strategic business and human capital roadmap to chart out business directions. The Sales Assistant roles were redesigned to support business analytics and business development to attain business expansion. Beyond expanding the job role, the redesigned role now covers a variety of skillsets which provide good career development opportunities.


Reach out to us and discuss your business challenges.

Human Resource

A client wanted to strengthen its workforce through setting in place a structured and robust performance management system as it looks to expand its business sustainably. The project helped to implement a performance management system with standard policies and appraisals, aiming to improve the quality of the workforce, improve employee engagement, and increase retention. Their HR manager job role was expanded to lead the implementation of the performance management system for organizational leaders and staff.


The client's growth plans were to double its revenue, and profit and triple the customer base by 2030. However, the company was facing a lack of local talent, labour shortfall and increasing business costs that could affect its business competitiveness. A Process Engineer role was redesigned to be equipped with Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for workplace coaching and mentoring, leveraging on the results from TNA.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Success

At CET Global, we understand that the heart of any successful organization is its people. Our team of seasoned HR professionals is here to guide you through the dynamic landscape of human resources, offering comprehensive services that align with your unique needs and goals.


Our consultants are down to earth, approachable, and share a passion for delivering innovative client work that provides clear benefits to the organizations we collaborate with in both the short and long term.

Since 2014, we have been trusted advisors to Singapore enterprises and continue to uphold the principles established by our founder Thomas Yeo.


Thomas Yeo
Managing Director

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We believe passionately in the power of transformation and creation of opportunities to empower meaningful enterprise growth.

Together at the Top


We are in the business of providing Insights, Advisory and Actions to create value and success for enterprise’s People, Process and Performance transformation.

Together at the Top
Vission & Mission
All Hands In


Collaboration: We co-create with diverse talents.

Excellence: We are committed to deliver high quality services.


Teamwork: We help clients better when we work together.


Growth: We develop professionally through lifelong learning.

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