RMC Certification

The Registered Management Consultant (RMC) Certification is a SPRING-recognised certification in line with SPRING Singapore's initiative to professionalise the Management Consultancy sector under TR 43:2015. As of 1 Feb 2017, CET Global has 4 consultants certified under the RMC Certification programme - Thomas, Daryl, Victor, and Ming Tay, and is able to continue engaging in SPRING Capability Develoment projects such as CDG projects and ICV consultancy.

The RMC is a mark of quality and professionalism for Management Consultants, and with effect from 1 Jan 2017, SPRING requires all management consultants to posses a SPRING-recognised certification (such as the RMC Certification) to engage in consultancy projects under SPRING.

Please visit the RMC website (or the respective certification bodies) to see the full list of Certified Management Consultants.

Image taken from SPRING Singapore



RMC Singapore's official website - http://www.rmcsingapore.org/

SPRING Singapore's official press release on Certifying Management Consultants - https://www.spring.gov.sg/NewsEvents/PR/Pages/SPRING-Singapore-Appoints-Three-Certification-Bodies-to-Implement-Certification-Programmes-for-Management-Consult-20160721.aspx

SPRING Singapore's webpage on Certifying Management Consultants - https://www.spring.gov.sg/Growing-Business/Consultant-Quality-Initiative/Pages/Enhancing-Consultant-Quality-for-Enterprises.aspx

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