Reimaging Learning

Here’s an insightful stuff for curriculum planners, instructional designers (ID), educationists to seriously think about the use of technology : – what it is for? when it is used for? and how it can enhance our pedagogies?EndFragment


e-learning has been around since the turn of the millennium, the challenges faced by today’s educators & IDs is the rapid adoption of technological tools & systems in their training and their attempt to transmit content in an ‘interactive’ manner to meet the requirements by stakeholders.

It’s quite rudimentary to perceive the use of technology is to simply digitise ‘stuffs’ (lesson content, images, lectures as videos) and attempt to embed these ‘stuffs’ as ‘e-content’ into the training or lesson in bid of making the learning more effective and efficient (not sure about the part on whether it would be ‘engaging’ and better transfer of learning to performance).

The challenges mentioned in the video do have some similar bearings faced in our CET landscape in Singapore:

  1. “We treat all learners the same despite their unique needs and challenges”

  2. “We hold the schedule constant and allow learning to vary”

  3. “Performance data (aka Grades) comes too late to be useful to the learner”

It is critical for adult educators and professionals to constantly re-examine and address those challenges fundamentally when we design the learning experience and the transfer of learning to work in a ‘personalized’ approach.

Effective use of technology (elearning platforms, web 2.0 tools, etc…)

1. allows us to adjust the pace of learning , gives learner agency (autonomy , aka Self-directed learning),

2.creates creator (constructivism, co-creating knowledge),

3.enables mass customization (learning analytics),

4. radically improve access (MOOCs, coursera, edx)

To sum up, for any technological tools or systems for learning to be effective, the use of such technology has to be integrated and grounded on sound pedagogic model and principles of learning design.


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