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Competency-based HRD

Strategic Competency Based Management System Solution. Performance Recruitment HR Development. Copyright CET Global.

This system is designed to enable organisations to align their human resource strategies with the organisational vision, mission, core values, and goals.
This system provides a strategic approach to ensure that you:
• Hire the right people
• Train and assess them based on the specific competencies required of their job
• Provide clear career progression pathways to staff
• Enable staff to be clear of their work performance expectations
• Demonstrate fairness in performance appraisals
• Be equitable in rewarding and compensating staff
• Increase engagement through developing a sense of purpose in staff
• Motivate staff to continuously develop themselves

Blended Learning Design

Competency-based framework advisory services

ATO capability building services


Blended Learning Design

CET Global's e-Learning Model

Blended Learning Design. e-Learning model. People Process Performance. ADDIE process. Analysis Experiential Design Development Implementation Planning. Copyright CET Global.

Other Services


We provide complete enterprise solutions to:
• Support technologies for delivery of blended learning courses
• Simplify adoption of technologies for effective learning
• Design and develop applications to support HRM, HRD and OD solutions
• Align learning technologies to enhance business outcomes

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