• Competency-based Framework Advisory services

  • Business Performance and Growth Diagnostics

  • People Capabilities Consulting and Development

  • ATO Capability Building services

  • Organisational Development

Blended learning strategies and designing

Learning and performance technology services


Competency-based HRD

This system is designed to enable organisations to align their human resource strategies with the organisational vision, mission, core values, and goals.
This system provides a strategic approach to ensure that you:
• Hire the right people
• Train and assess them based on the specific competencies required of their job
• Provide clear career progression pathways to staff
• Enable staff to be clear of their work performance expectations
• Demonstrate fairness in performance appraisals
• Be equitable in rewarding and compensating staff
• Increase engagement through developing a sense of purpose in staff
• Motivate staff to continuously develop themselves

Blended Learning Design

Competency-based framework advisory services

ATO capability building services


Blended Learning Design

CET Global's e-Learning Model


Other Services


We provide complete enterprise solutions to:
• Support technologies for delivery of blended learning courses
• Simplify adoption of technologies for effective learning
• Design and develop applications to support HRM, HRD and OD solutions
• Align learning technologies to enhance business outcomes

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