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Company & Workforce Transformation (CWT)

Company and Workforce Transformation (CWT) is a Playbook for Enterprise Transformation empowering companies to choose either project-based training or consultancy solutions. CET Global is the appointed HR Consultancy company to deliver the Workforce Transformation programmes that transforms companies in a guided, structured and holistic way

Be Empowered

Solutions are made to tailor to the specific company needs with guided, structured and holistic help for companies

Employee Capability Development

Essential Skills are developed through project based training and transformation solution

Sustainable Transformation

Workforce is developed in tandem and built on tested fundamentals, where People & Processes are at the core of a successful Enterprise Transformation

4 Programmes offered under Workforce Transformation

Talent Analytics for Future Ready Workforce

  • Pilot and support the Manufacturing industry in better deployment of human capital to be future-ready

Digitalised Skills Needs Analysis

  • Build organization skills map

  • Identify employee skills gaps through skills rating

  • Training recommendations

Workplace Training & Assessment

  • Develop in-house capabilities

  • Design, develop curriculum, OJT blueprint 

  • Conduct training and assessments

Process Redesign for HR Areas

  • Talent Attraction

  • HR Operations & Technology

  • Strategic Workforce Planning 

  • Learning & Development

  • Performance Management 

  • Talent Management & Succession Planning

  • Employee Engagement & Communications  

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